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No. While we do offer Garage Door Refacing, where the panels are applied at your home or business, the panels must be applied by a certified TimberKast Pro. Furthermore, a trained garage door installer must be used for track and spring adjustments.   

No. Not every garage door will be suited for faux wood overlays. Doors or sections that are damaged, rusted, falling apart, etc. should be repaired or replaced before installing TimberKast panels. Also, doors that are not ribbed, strutted or supported in the back across the garage door panel may potentially oil can (depress in similar to an oil can). Please contact us if you would like assistance determining if your garage door has the proper structure in place to support our faux wood overlay products.

Yes. Many TimberKast customers have overlaid their raised panel garage doors with our faux wood products with exceptional results. However, we do highly recommend a flat panel garage door for optimal results.

Yes. TimberKast offers a wide variety of completed garage doors for virtually any size door, with the required wind load for your region. The underlying door is from a national brand and can be selected to match any criteria.

TimberKast panels are ¾" thick and are very dense. They weigh 1.125 pounds per square foot.

For an 8'x7' single car garage, panels only with no overlay trim you will be adding 63 pounds. This additional weight is the reason that a garage door company must replace your spring and ensure the door is properly balanced in the tracks. The work of raising and lowering a garage door is done by the spring not the motor. By having a properly sized spring, the replacement of your existing motor and hardware is almost never necessary.

TimberKast offers many standard colors for you to choose from. They are finished in our factory using the highest quality materials that help keep your panels resistant to UV, chipping, cracking or peeling.

Panels are available in a primed white or brown color or in your choice of many standard colors.

Yes. TimberKast can match virtually any color you desire. Additional fees do apply.

Real wood garage doors are very expensive to buy and install, heavy and maintenance intensive. They can attract insects, bugs, mold and bacteria. Most real wood garage doors arrive unfinished and need to be finished immediately upon arrival. Additionally, these doors need to be maintained, stripped and refinished every 6 months to a year. They continue to decline year after year. Real wood garage may require new tracks and operators to support the added weight.

TimberKast panels do not require trees to be cut down. They cost much less than real wood doors and look just as good. They are termite and bug resistant, waterproof, require very little maintenance and are so real your friends and neighbors won't be able to tell the difference.

Yes. Putting TimberKast panels on your door will add an additional 3.82 R Value and significantly dampen exterior noise.

TimberKast panels can be sprayed clean with a garden hose. For tougher spots, use a mild soap and water solution. If you want to spruce up the doors after a few years, you can use a urethane clear paint from your paint or home improvement store.

Extensive testing and formulating has been engineered into TimberKast panels to minimize any expansion and contraction of our panels. Our thick ¾" panel, coupled with special chemical ingredients, formulations and heavy product density is what gives our panels their strength and rigidity. TimberKast has made substantial investments in engineering and creating these panels. All Urethane products will display some expansion and contraction with temperature changes. However, expansion and contraction is minimized by our innovative formulations and with proper installation.

Most orders ship within 2 - 4 weeks.

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